Trading account is created for the purpose of selling or purchasing securities. Financial securities are bought via a trading account that is held within the Demat account, whereas all the payments are carried out via linked banking account.

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The Need for a Trading Account

Investors create trading accounts for trading financial assets online. One can easily execute sell/buy orders in just a couple of clicks. A trading account is very easy to create and provides online as well as telephonic access. It offers a great deal of information/data pertaining to your trades. This further enables you to arrive at profitable financial decisions for the purpose of increasing profits. Trading accounts are used for gathering information around gross loss and profit and facilitates quick execution as well as settlement of your orders. Also, depending upon your convenience, you can either place few or several orders online.

Trading Account Types

Based on their requirements, traders can choose from among different types of trading accounts for trading a wide range of securities such as gold, stock, currencies, ETFs etc. Some of the popular trading account types include Equity Trading account, Commodities Trading account, Derivatives Trading account and Currency Trading account.

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