Companies usually sell off a part of their business ownership to the general public in return for some amount of money. Investors, on the other hand, purchase the shares being offered by the organization and thus enjoy ownership rights within the company. This makes them the shareholders of the organization. These company shares or stocks are referred to as equities.
Equities, like other financial commodities are frequently traded i.e. bought and sold on the share/stock markets. This trading takes place in two distinct markets viz. Primary and Secondary. Companies are listed via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the case of the primary financial market. Hence, the new financial securities can be easily found in the primary market. However, the buying and selling of equities that have already been launched or issued happens in the secondary market. At present, investors have access to over 1300 securities for engaging in equities trading on the NSE (The National Stock Exchange) and more than 6000 on the BSE (The Bombay Stock Exchange).

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Trading Equities

When it comes to trading equities, the process is pretty simple. You will have to buy shares of any company for which you must set up a demat account as well as another account for trading equities. After this, simply link your equity trading account to the savings account and transfer desired amount of money for purchasing your preferred equities.

Why Invest in Equities?

Trading equities is highly beneficial for investors in a number of ways such as:

  • Offers best returns in the long-term
  • Beat the inflation
  • Enjoy tax advantages

Apart from this, investors must also understand that simply saving their money or storing it is not the ideal way to increase the money. An ideal way to earn desired profits is to invest in equities as there are amazing returns in the long run.

The India Advantage Approach

The share or the stock market is highly volatile in nature. But, in order to make the most of their investments, investors must focus on increasing their returns in the long run and also avoid the daily fluctuations. This allows you to invest in a disciplined manner and control your finances appropriately.

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